Roll Up Your Sleeves. Fasten Your Seat Belt. Get Going.

I know the economy is in bad shape.  Maybe horrible shape is a better descriptor.  But if you’re responsible for the revenues of a small business, are you just going to roll over and give up?  Heck, no.  You’ve worked too hard to get where your are now to just wave good-bye without fight. 

So what to do?  1) Watch your costs and cash flow. 2) Market and increase market share.  How?  Read. Learn. Study. Implement. Do what you can.

Small Business Survival Webinar for $49 on April 2nd

While I have not yet met Tom Tubergen, nor been through one of his webinars, I do think the topic is timely, the price is right, and I know many small business owners who are looking for answers  Tom Tubergen writes at Turnaround Management and is a business consultant at out of Novi, Michigan, which is 30 miles northwest of Detroit.  He contacted me via email and asked me to help him to help others. 

This event is being structured to provide the small and medium size business owner with critical insights and knowledge that they need to know, in order to manage their way through an economy that most of us have never experienced,”  writes Tom. “The cost is deliberately being kept low so that even those entrepreneurs who are struggling financially can afford to attend.”

If you’re looking for some answers, you may want to sign up for his course: Small Business Survival Webinar. Chances are you’ll learn some ideas that are worth much more than $50.

(P.S. This is NOT an affliate marketing program or anything like that and I receive no kickback or other compensation from him.  I just think that this might be something that could help others… especially those in the Detroit area.)

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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