Get the Best Bang for Your Buck From Your Marketing DollarWhat’s the best way to spend the marketing dollar to get more customers?

Isn’t that the fundamental question in marketing?

Supporting sales is what marketing is all about. “Follow the money” is a good strategy for figuring out where to place your marketing. I was particularly struck by the way this was illustrated in the video below. This quick and informative video from NPR, about the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, illustrates that example. Because it’s about politics, it’s sure to be controversial, but please look beyond the politics, to analyze the strategy and the marketing concept behind the decisions for spending.

Have you clearly defined your target market? So who is the best group for you for you to invest your marketing dollars in? And, maybe more importantly, who/where should you ignore?

If you were going to create a visual like this, does your balloon look lopsided or are you trying to reach everyone?

Editor’s note: As a marketing professional, this makes sense to me. But as a voter I remember how the Fall of 2012 felt when my home phone message machine had on average 5 or 6 recorded messages every evening - from both sides! There does come a point when too much marketing can make everyone mad!

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Are You Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck with Your Marketing Dollar?

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