Do You Make It Easy for Others to Market Your Business or Cause?

Going viral.  Building the buzz.  Leveraging content. Doing more with less.  You’ve heard all the jargon.  How can you actually do this?

Green City Blue Lake Sustainable Cleveland 2019 logoWell, to start, you can make it easier for other people to help you market your business, product, service or cause.

How do you do that?

  • Include links to fact sheets
  • Provide low res and high res head shots and logo images
  • Make sure the who, what, when, where, why and how are obvious
  • State your mission, your position and your competitive advantage
  • Make sure there is a contact phone number and email.
  • Include the city where your company is located on your contact page (not just a form to email questions or RFQ’s to)
  • Make an easy to follow PDF guideline of branding standards

As an example, the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative was featured in Crain’s Cleveland with an outline of their marketing tools.

They made it easy by creating a series of logos that focus on a different way people and businesses can become sustainable. It is easy to obtain and re-use the logos from their website on another website or blog, business card, Power Point template, T-shirt or other marketing materials.

To maintain brand identity standards, they’ve provided a logo and branding guideline PDF. While the document is a bit too long and cumbersome, it’s got the right idea.

Often businesses have the opposite approach to logo sharing.  They keep their marketing images close to the vest and forbid any unapproved use. But by providing branding standards and making certain information available, you can help to encourage a viral approach to buzz marketing and make it easy for others to market a business, a concept or an initiative by becoming part of the program.

Can your business create a tip sheet? Do you make your company or brand logo available for reprinting with the tip sheet? What other projects make sense for your company or nonprofit organization to undertaking that could benefit your overall marketing and brand awareness?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.