Good Work - Public Relations Well Done

Crisis Communications videoIn the day-to-day of sensational news and shock value information, it is refreshing to see the way crisis communications and public relations experts Hennes Paynter Communications crafted this video with dignity and grace. It is a “Thank You” announcement from the three women who are kidnapping survivors.

When each of the women read their prepared statements, it was apparent to me that they wrote their statements themselves and that each spoke from their heart. The messages felt very authentic and provided a very meaningful and appropriate thank you to the donors of the Cleveland Courage Fund and their supporters.

I liked the choice of wardrobe, the lighting, and the factual way the “about” information was written below the video. It all helped to set the tone and feel of the content, making the women and their families come across poised and relaxed, but also real.

By posting the video at midnight on YouTube, they made it easy for news stations and media to link to it or embed it onto their websites. Very good use of social media. I wish there was a way to edit the automatic English transcript that Google provides… if anyone knows how to do that, please leave your message in the comments below!

Kudos to Hennes Paynter Communications. Public Relations well done!


Full Disclosure: Hennes Paynter Communications is a former client. My company helped them create their marketing website several years ago with a content management system so that they could make their own updates and changes to the content.

Author: Chris Brown

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