Graphic Design Ideas for Increasing your Brand’s Recognition

Iconic  Brand AlphabetThey say a picture is worth a 1000 words.  In this day of internet and electronic media, a good graphic message must communicate quickly and minimally.

Here are some  links for graphic design inspiration to help your brand:

It’s most important to provide direction to your graphic designer that helps them understand the tone, manner, feeling you want to evoke.  Share your marketing positioning with them.  Make sure they understand who your target market is and what the market values.  Don’t tell them a gazillion features about your product and service - that doesn’t help as much as offering the feeling you want to communicate.

Telling them where to put the lines is micro-managing, but telling a good designer that you want to communicate  a forward thinking dynamic brand that appeals to 25 year old women who are looking for a new apartment, gives them the result you want.  It helps them become creative and to apply their skills and knowledge of design.

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  1. Good graphic design is important to define brand identity. Employing the services of a professional graphic designer should yield a good result, including a brand mark that is memorable.

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