How Social Are the Top Brands?

What is the social brand value of your brandI enjoyed this infographic but kept wondering, where is Facebook as a brand in all this? Aren’t they considered one of the top brands by now?

Maybe the author of this infographic, sociagility just considers Facebook a medium instead of a brand? See the infographic at their website.

I’m also surprised that Blackberry is considered number 5.

Your thoughts?

Author: Chris Brown

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2 thoughts on “How Social Are the Top Brands?”

  1. Hi there. Glad you enjoyed it.

    As the author of the infographic, I can explain very easily why Facebook (or any other brand) isn’t included. It’s simply because – as per the methodology description – we didn’t choose the top 50, but relied on existing (and well regarded) rankings of the world’s most valuable brands, from Interbrand and Millward Brown.

    Niall Cook, Co-founder, Sociagility

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