Marketing Professionals: Why Blog? And How to Get Started

by Chris Brown on Thursday, March 29, 2007

The other day a couple of friends asked me about my Branding & Marketing Blog…
“Why do you Blog?”

Because I have been beaten this answer to death, I’ll just link to my answers. Meanwhile, here are some comments posted on my site when readers answered that question:

Matt Hamilton of Marketing Stories said…
Personal Benefits:I’m new to the blogging world and have found that participating in discussion is much more fulfilling than just taking info from web pages. It’s fun to engage other thinkers and swap ideas. And when you’re ‘in the game’ by putting your own thoughts out there, you really appreciate when you find good content from someone else.

Business Benefits:Blogging is a good way to generate relevent content for search engines. Participating in discussion is a form of networking that can generate new opportunities. Providing solid content for customers can add value to your relationship and improve loyalty.
11:57 AM

Patrick Schaber of the Lonely Marketer said…
Chris - great analogy with the water cooler. I didn’t realize the value of blogging until I actually jumped in and tried. You’re correct, its a great way to learn and network.Thanks for the good info!
12:21 PM

Dawud Miracle of Healthy Web Design said…
I’ve only jumped into blogging a short time ago. I’ve already met some interesting (and helpful) people. And writing a blog sure does help me get clearer in my thoughts - and my marketing approach.

But their next question wasn’t as easy to answer:
“How do you get started?”

1. reading blogs.

What to read? David Armano of Logic & Emotion has a post with links to 25 really great blogs. Each blog is well written, thought provoking and the personality of writer shines through. It’s not like reading the newspaper or a company brochure. It’s more like listening to a knowledgeable friend discussing issues surrounding their favorite topic.

Next steps:

2) commenting
3) more commenting

Comment on some of those 25 blogs. Search technorati to find blogs that are written about subjects that interest you. Comment on those blogs. Soon you will begin to have your own forum, soapbox, blog! After you comment for a while, you’ll find that you’ll want to start your own blog.

That’s what happened to me.

4) figure out your niche
5) set up your blog and begin

I recommend that you find a blog coach, someone to inspire and guide you. And help you get set up. Use the itinerary of Mike Sansone at ConverStations at as your guide.

Happy Blogging!!

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Dawud Miracle Sunday, April 1, 2007 at 5:22 pm

Good points, Chris. I would add another important step - really consider what you love and are passionate about. Writing from your passion will make your blog much more interesting to your readers.

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