Rebranding Your Business?

by Chris Brown on Thursday, November 18, 2010

ConfusedUsing a confusing brand name won’t help your marketing efforts.

Do you have the situation where you don’t like the brand name your business inherited? Or your business has morphed and your current brand name doesn’t fit your new target market or enhanced product features?

Some companies decide to stick with the name they have because they have all the stationery, checks, web domains and “stuff” holding them back from making a change.

If your name doesn’t fit your business, it’s too hard to remember, or the name is easily mispronounced, misspelled or misunderstood, marketing professionals know that your new business activity will be stunted.

The time, effort and money you invest in a good name will quickly cover the costs of reprinting some checks, business cards and letterhead.

My firm has helped several clients review and relaunch their brands, so I was very interested in this selection of informative articles from Inc magazine about how to rebrand your business.

Just brainstorming a new name isn’t enough, you’ve got to be able to snag a domain name that is available as well. Knowing some short cuts can help, but looking for domains while brainstorming impedes the brainstorming process.

Do you feel your brand name is holding your business back from achieving its full potential and how are you adjusting your marketing program to compensate for it?

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Eddie Saturday, November 27, 2010 at 10:53 am

Some times rebranding is a necessity. I have seen a lot of companies make no move when needed and others completely screw it up. Thanks for the tips here!

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