Planning to Sell a New Product? Don’t Forget these 25 Marketing Should Have’s!

I’ve talked with many inventors and entrepreneurs who get very excited about their new product.

They’ve spent years building prototypes, convincing family and friends into investing in their idea and trying to meet the person who can help them get it listed with a retailer or distributor for instant sales.

Marketing your new product is that important step between creating a new product and selling a new product.

What many of them forget is that the marketing function takes a product over the bridge from the R&D phase of research and development into the sales phase of meeting with retailers, distributors and even the content for an ecommerce website where they can sell direct to the end user.

Marketing is about more than listing the features - it defines the benefits and advantages of the product - to each and every step along the supply chain. WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) is the rallying cry of each step and marketing provides the breadcrumbs to help each link understand their advantage for carrying a product thru the chain.

25 Key New Product Marketing Should Have’s:

  1. Correct colors
  2. Unique URL
  3. Keywords
  4. Defined benefits
  5. Good margin
  6. Competitive pricing
  7. Strong photography from a professional photographer Cairns
  8. Compelling description
  9. Easy-to-Understand Reason to Buy
  10. Wow factor
  11. Memorable name
  12. A clear way to reach the end user
  13. Preferably a patent, a tradename, a trademark - something you can protect
  14. Support materials
  15. Testimonials
  16. About the company launching the product
  17. Independent test results
  18. Social media bait - how to video? beautiful photos? Reason to like?
  19. Instructions for assemble, care and use, battery replacement, etc
  20. High resolution logos
  21. Press release with media contact
  22. Background Fact Sheet
  23. Website with blog
  24. ______________
  25. ______________

Obviously not all the Should Have’s are appropriate for every product. It depends if you are launching a business-to-business product, a business-to-consumer product or a something else entirely. What’s your main channel of distribution? Mom and Pop retail stores? Big Box Chains? E-commerce from your website? Amazon or eBay? Each channel has a unique challenge for your product.

What are the two Key Marketing Should Have’s that I’m missing? Leave a comment below!
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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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