RIP Blog. Welcome Online Realtime Feed

Blog is a funny word. Watch business people squint and squirm when you mention it.

It’s time to stop calling it a blog. My good friend Deborah Chaddock Brown said that she listened to an interview with Shel Holtz and David Meeriman Scott where the word blog got nasty reviews.

All believe (and me too!) that blogs are a crucial component of your marketing program and business communication. Some even say that ALL small businesses should have their websites on the WordPress platform.

But we’ve got to get rid of the word “BLOG”

How about:

  • Online publication
  • Virtual newsletter
  • Online Realtime Feed
  • Company news

What euphemisms do you use for your blog?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

3 thoughts on “RIP Blog. Welcome Online Realtime Feed”

  1. While I do blog now, I am not really keeping a log/diary (hence blog). Rather I use my regular postings to educate and inform. So, rather than “visit my blog” I should be saying “learn more about marketing and PR at …..”

  2. Chris, now you have gone and done it! You have given me homework for the weekend. Very thought provoking, but I can see your point. The name “blog” is going the way of “business coach”. Time to change the terminology.

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