PR Photography: Make Your Photo Say a 1000 Words

Early on in my career I learned the value of a good public relations photo.  Since people look at photos in a newsletter or local newpaper before they read all the stories, it’s a great way for a non profit organization or a small business to get exposure without too much effort.

Some of the key elements:

  1. A logo visible or other recognizable symbol, name, face etc
  2. Only 3 or 4 people in the photo
  3. Have the people interacting (not staring into the camera). Doing something.
  4. Get all the names of the individuals with correct spelling and ask them for permission to use the photo.
  5. Write the caption in your head, then set up the photo to shoot it. Don’t expect it to just happen

If you are a speaker, a PR photo is a great way to extend the reach of your presentation. 

How would you use the photo after it is taken?

Perhaps you spoke at the local chamber of commerce.  Maybe they would like a photo along with a short summary of your speech for their next newsletter?

Or maybe you spoke at a conference. Your PR photo could appear on the association’s website as a visual to help attract attendees to the next one.  Promoting the next event can be very difficult visually for a newsletter editors with any photos.  Have a good low res photo to send in an email newsletter that demonstrates something about an event is a relief to many who are trying to promote the organization’s events through email newsletters. High resolutions photos are a must for printed newsletters,

You may want to add the photo to websites with a caption. Again, this is a low resolution situation. High resolution takes too long to load.

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