WordPress Leads the Way for Managed Content Websites

Managed Content - the winner is WordPressWondering about upgrading your website from a privately developed format into something that “anyone” in the company can hop into and make updates?

If so, you’re not along. WordPress is the platform of choice for one in four of the websites on the internet, according to Matt Mullenweg in his speech on the State of the Word 2015.

There are many reasons why it is the website software of choice.

I wondered, “How many different kinds of content management software are there?”

Although I started to count all the types of site on this chart, I stopped after 67… seemed kind of ridiculous.

WordPress Has the Easiest to Operate Managed Content System

I think that WordPress really has the easiest to operate managed content system. You can even install some plug ins that offer tutorial videos inside the dashboard to help you step by step. You can also speed up WordPress site quickly and easily. Well, any maintenance on the site is pretty easy to do and it can be done on nearly any device, there’s no need for top of the range, sophisticated technology, however it will work on that too. CMMS is a type of software that is useful for optimizing business operations all in one, like the Axxerion’s computerized maintenance management system for keeping on top of orders, accounts, etc.

Wondering about using WordPress? After really evaluating SquareSpace and Wix, I wonder why you wouldn’t select WordPress.

Interesting that both of those chose to run ads on the superbowl. SquareSpace was selected as one of the worst ads on the SuperBowl but it appears that Wix.com fared somewhat better by selecting former NFL players as spokespeople. Not that it matters that they used the Super Bowl to build awareness.

But how many times has WordPress bought commercials on the Super Bowl?