End of an Era for Little Tikes

by Chris Brown on Friday, June 22, 2007

Just found out that the Little Tikes Child Care graduated it’s last class today: 6/22/07.
Both of my kids spent their preschool years there during my 6 years at Little Tikes, one right after the other. It was the most wonderful thing about working at Little tikes. And how cool for them to go to “school” at a toy factory!

I loved the teachers there: Janet Quinn, Donna Zuro, Kayla, Sharon and Mandy. Most of them have masters degrees in early childhood education and all of them just loved the kids.

Closing the child care is the end of an era. Even though this little guy just graduated from high school, remembering the days of the child care make my memories of Little Tikes very sweet.

As a marketer, it was great to watch the kids behind the one way mirror to see how they played with competitor’s toys and Little Tikes toys and see how they interacted. As a mom, it was great to run down at lunchtime for a pb&j with the kids or for a quick hug before their afternoon nap.

I will never forget how wonderful that “perk” was when my kids were preschoolers. When my career was ready to move on, I stayed one more year so my daughter could finish out her preschool before kindergarden with her friends.
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