Need to Revamp Your Marketing? Here’s How to Get Started:

When do you begin to revise your marketing… or even rebrand?

  • When your competition eats your lunch?
  • When you notice your marketing has become stale?
  • When your target market shifts and your materials are focused on the wrong bullseye?

Hopefully it doesn’t go that long. How often to you review your marketing materials to make sure they are on track? Do you use a checklist?

Here are 12 types of marketing materials to gather and review. Hand this list to your assistant, your secretary or someone else who helps with your marketing. Ask them to gather everything together and place it in the middle of the conference room table.

This Friday, bring in lunch for 4 trusted business collegues who will tell you “like it is”. Review:

  1. postcards
  2. sell sheets
  3. print out of a screen capture of the home page
  4. print out of the home page from explorer browser
  5. business cards from 4 people in the company
  6. letterhead
  7. envelopes
  8. window envelopes
  9. 3 recent powerpoints: two to potential customers, one from a recent outside speech.
  10. a mug, pen, portfolio, briefcase or other advertising specialty item with the logo
  11. the written style guidelines for logo and tag line usage (what do you mean you don’t have that!!
  12. folder with logo on the outside and anything else with the logo on it that you hand to customers

Now: Look at each of these on the conference table & go through this checklist:

Pick one piece that you will revise. Don’t get caught up in the trap that EVERYTHING has to change at once. It’s like the family that decides they want to repaint the family room but one thing leads to another and they end up with a $80,000 addition on the back of the house. Just pick one thing that will make the biggest difference… and GET STARTED!

One thought on “Need to Revamp Your Marketing? Here’s How to Get Started:

  1. This is a great post, particularly for small business owners. Throughout my corporate career inconsistency in the representation of the brand was something that drove me crazy! Whether it be through the way the logo was printed or the company name was written, etc., I think presenting a consistent brand is essential. Too often, people let that go in lieu of “higher priorities,” which is a shame.

    Susan Gunelius

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