How Should You Best use PR to build a Brand?

One key to using PR for brand building is something so “dah” simple that it doesn’t even qualify as a tip, tool or technique.

Share your Sales Strategy with your PR Specialists

In my opinion PR is often overlooked. PR is viewed as a ‘lightweight” resource. Something to use when you have an announcement to make. PR is often overlooked by small business* owners and sales/marketing VPs because of it’s indirect link to sales. It’s tough to directly tie a press release to a PO. Usually there are about 20 steps inbetween.

What they are missing is that PR is the tool that helps to provides the implied endorsement… the right image… create the mindset, tone, and manner. It sets the stage for a cold call, a customer relationship, or a sales presentation in a way that no advertisement ever could. It’s one of the first crucial steps to setting the foundation for a strong brand. And strong branding is a great sales tool, isn’t it? If a prospect already has a strong mental image of what the company stands for, part of the job of the sales person has just become easier.

By sharing the sales strategy with the PR folks, you get the added power of the “opinion maker” communications tool.

That’s one of my opinions on PR as a brand builder. What’s yours?

* I define small business as companies with annual revenue of under $100 million.

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