Marketing with Video

by Chris Brown on Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A comment the other day made me think about why is this true.

Google’s ownership of YouTube allows tremendouse search engine optimization through video tags. So why don’t people take advantage of an easy SEO get?

1) Making videos — good quality videos — is much harder than the quickey camera phone video.
2) Most of us feel intimidated on the other side of a camera
3) YouTube still feels a bit like MySpace — for teens but not for business.

I posted some things on Google Video, but that didn’t really take off. Especially after they bought YouTube. Makes me wonder why I thought selecting Google’s Blogger/BlogSpot as my format was a good choice. For 2 weeks I’ve had serious photo interface problems with Blogger. Just won’t take the photo. Every once in a while it works. Makes me feel reluctant to start investing the time and energy into video blogging (vlogging!) but it’s been on my “gotta try it” list for a while.

Here’s a “home made” video that makes me cringe when I think about how much time it took and how “stiff” I come across. Maybe I tried to make it too polished and should just talk. Videos that we’ve produced for clients come out so much better.

Any advice for someone about to embark on this? Formats, lighting, scripting, or uploading? Or should I just go ahead and jump in!?

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