Pay Per Click — 17 most common PPC Mistakes Web Marketers Make

If you’re working on your PPC web marketing programs, here’s some tips you should read and review: 17 Most Common PPC Mistakes Web Marketers Make By Igor Mordkovich.

My favorites are #8 & #17 not bidding on your own name and not bidding on brand names. Very easy to overlook! Thanks Igor.

8. Not Bidding for Your Name - If your competition is targeting your company name as a keyword I’d suggest taking legal actions (if applicable). In our company we send out those legal letters at least every other month to a competitor. If you’re in a different situation’ bidding for your keywords will mean more traffic and another real estate space devoted to you on that search results page. I’d even bid for the company name if there were no competitors at all. You will pay around 0.05 to 0.10 cents per click and see the amount of searches (impressions) that are done for your brand name. A little of extra statistics that shows you the possible growth of your company.

17. Avoiding Brand Name Keywords - It is unfortunate, but many companies do not take advantage of their competitors. How do you do this? Bid on their brand / company name. Think about it anyone searching for your competitor could easily be your customer instead. Why not have your ad show up under that keywords? What if they are still shopping around? What if they are searching for your competitor’ name because they saw their TV or radio ad. Bottom line is, bid on your competitor’s brand names. Most of the time the ROI on those keywords is excellent. If you get a legal letter from the competitors and it holds water, I’d suggest comply with it.

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