5 Ways to Add Power to Your Press Release Distribution

When you use press releases in your marketing and branding program, are you making full use of the power of electronic press releases?

  1. Use key words phrases in the text with anchor tags in the release. Include keyword tags and categories. If you’re using some of the same keywords you have on your website, this will boost your SEO. SEO will make your website more visible on web pages and make your site more relevant. To learn more about SEO and what it means for a business, you might want to consult with Best SEO Hamilton.
  2. Include the city of origin to improve local search
  3. Have a photo or several photos? Consider embedding the photos or create a SlideShare.net account and place the photos in your “slide show” with text.
  4. Upload to distribution sites.
  5. Turn it into a video news report. Consider including non traditional press release distribution on sites like YouTube. Why not? Do you have a friend who can act like a TV anchor and read your press release like they do on TV? Depending on the subject and tone of your release, it could be a fun project that may get much better viewing than you would have expected! With YouTube, anyone can be on the TV news.

Thanks to Christine Kelly from Online PR News for inspiring today’s post.

She uses slide share for distributing press releases as well as photos from a release. Here is her slide share for optimizing a press release:

If you aren’t even writing press releases, why not? You should get started today. They are less expensive and more effective than using advertising.

Need help writing the information section in a journalistic style? Here are several good sites with press release writing tips:

What other non-traditional ways do you use press releases to build your business?