5 Cost Effective Marketing Resources to Help You Reach New Customers

Marketing strategy tools and resources chartBefore you begin your marketing, you need strategy. Who will you target? Will you change up your web design Perth? What’s the best positioning message? Which media will you use to communicate that message to your market? How will you measure success? Plus so much more!

There is so much that you will need to think about that is can seem like a really scary time. You need to think about what will work best for your business and things, like which company, will you use to pioneer your web design & SEO… will it be a company dealing with Web design Cork, Ireland? - What I’m trying to say is that the strategy must come first.

But without the implementation and execution of marketing tactics — cost effective tactics — you’ll never realize the strategic marketing plan. You need to consider and evaluate as many different options and tactics as possible, even if you’ve never thought of them before. For example, you could think about exhibition trailer hire as a marketing tactic, as this can be used for productions at roadshows all over the country. This post is about the resources you need to get it done!

If you’re working on your company’s marketing, but not sure where to find the tools to take that next step to realize your marketing and branding strategy, you may find some resources here that will help:

  • Dot Calm web design in Mohawk Valley Utica, New York: Success tools such as websites, software and other products that promote a smooth workflow and make the job easier. Veronika Freeman (@dotcalm) lists a dozen “must have” resources for marketing and design professionals. I like how she described each resource next to its logo.
  • In house marketers can learn and build strategy with my business friend Ivana Taylor, who has more ideas and energy than 12 experts. She shares generously at DIY Marketers and on her tweet chat #DIYMKT to learn how to attend her seminars on Twitter. Next chat features Jennifer Cox of National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP).
  • You’ll also want to check out Understanding Marketing. They feature tons of “Do-It-Yourself” marketing and PR information, providing advice to small businesses in every industry to help you remain competitive and also realize tight budgets.
  • I’d be remiss not to mention my own company’s resources at the Marketing Resources & Results tools web page… or, of course, our Branding & Marketing blog. But those go without saying!
  • Bonus (or Curse!) Here’s an overwhelming list of resources — not for the beginner — that’s for sure! Via Twitter @tocki from The Global Social Media Network, from Peter Kim. This exhaustive list of resources made my head spin, but may be helpful for the more seasoned professional who is looking for just the right tool and have something very specific to find.

So there you have it, which technique will you use? Will you go to a web design company (that you can view online here) or go for a different option? I’m sure I’ve forgotten something important. What is your Number ONE marketing and branding resource?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

2 thoughts on “5 Cost Effective Marketing Resources to Help You Reach New Customers”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Chris! I see you used the “men’s version” of my business site… I have a “women’s version” (with my signature pink and teal dots) as well; that site has a few additional resources that are more targeted to women – I also have my badges for various social networking tools on that site.

    http://www.stressfreedesign.com/products.html for Products
    http://www.stressfreedesign.com/resources.html for Resources

    It’s been about six months so it’s about time to revisit that listing; I have a lot of new resources and clients since my last update!

    I really should add your site as a resource – My friend is the Executive Director of the local YWCA and she recently ask me how to celebrate their 125 anniversary next year – your article http://brandandmarket.com/marketing-your-companys-25-year-anniversary/ will be a great help to them – and we’ll need a few months to come up with 125 Tips!!!

    Thanks for the great work you do!

    Veronika Freeman, dotcalm

  2. Hi Veronika:
    Yes, I saw the pink site… and even though I really enjoy pink, it was too much for me! So, even though you calle it the man’s version, to me it looks more business focused than the pink bubble polka dots. I am the generation who hated wearing bows on all of my maternity shirts too.
    Thanks again for your comment and good luck brainstorming 125 tips. I bet you can do it!

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