Are You Rebranding? or Just Updating Your Look?

New cars have it.  New clothes usually do.  New haircuts, sometimes.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that some people get a new wardrobe every season, or at least every few years.  (Maybe you’re one of them!) Others buy classic clothing that span many seasons.  But almost everyone would agree that as time goes on and the world changes, that styles, wardrobes, and haircuts, should get an update. 

 An update doesn’t mean that whatever the person stands for or who the person actually is completely changes, is wrong or totally new.  It just means it’s time for an update, a refresh, a makeover. 

I believe it’s the same way with the corporate packaging.  Revamping a company’s logo and icon is expensive and time consuming… but necessary to project and reflect a current and up to date image.  It’s really tough to believe an “innovative & state-of-the-art” positioning from a company that still wears the equilivant of muttonchop sideburns and wide lapels.

Change is hard.  It’s a bit uncomfortable.  I’ve written about company logo revisions and several rebranding projects before.

Daniel Pipitone made some good points about the brand being much more than the logo.  He uses the new icon and a logo from Xerox as an example.

What’s the difference between an icon & a logo? The icon is the symbol… the logo includes the whole thing - symbol and name.  (Correct me if I’m wrong.)  In Nike’s case, the icon is the swoosh, but is that really their logo?  I say no, the logo is the word Nike with the swoosh. Same with Xerox’s crazy little X on a flying tennis ball here.  (Is the ball supposed to represent global? Is the white x a bandage of sorts?)

 I don’t consider it rebranding when you just update the look.  To me rebranding means going deeper and changing positioning as well.  Others may disagree.

What is your feeling about Xerox’s new logo compared to some of it’s old ones?  View other Xerox’s historical logos here to compare. 

Logos Courtesy of Xerox Corporation.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

3 thoughts on “Are You Rebranding? or Just Updating Your Look?”

  1. Thanks for the link…and your right on! This is exactly my point! Rebranding is much more than a change in look. This is because brand is everything an organization is and does, not just how it looks.

  2. I usually refer to the ICON as the “Mark” but whatever you want to call it you are exactly right. Other examples of logo evolution are the Burger King and Quaker State logos. Those are great to see where they came from and where they are now.

  3. Big Pappa:

    Icon, Mark — whatever you call that little symbol — that little bit of your logo can become more powerful in graphically building awareness of your brand. Like wallpaper, or a subtle watermark. Maybe that is a subject for a whole other post!

    Thanks for leaving a comment!!

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