Rebranding Macy’s

by Chris Brown on Thursday, March 15, 2007

The rebranding efforts of Federated Department Stores, Inc. was recently spotlighted by Matthew Wurtzel of Dealscape in his post The rebranding bug spreads. The effort seems little more than swapping logos a la AT+T style. Most of the branding has occurred around the consumer, not at the corporate level. Flickr Photo courtesy of y entonces, used with permission.

Changing the corporate name from Federated to Macy’s may affect employees and stockholders with more impact than consumers, but Federated’s branding has a whole different feel than the Macy brand name. I’m wondering how do the stakeholders at Bloomingdale’s feeling about it?

Branding is not just about the consumer, but all the stakeholders: shareholders, employees, vendors, community, customers and consumers.

By moving away from the nonbranded name of Federated and using the branded Macy’s name, doesn’t Bloomingdales feel slighted?

What are your thoughts?

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