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ABC Akron Bloggers Community Share Blog Marketing Tips

The Akron Bloggers Community got together yesterday at the Arabica Coffee Shop in Stow Ohio to swap marketing tips and catch up with new events in our blogs and businesses.

Just a few of the highlights:

Stephen Hopson will be the closing Keynote Speaker the National Tractor Association Meeting next month. UPDATED 7/1/08: Stephen’s Keynote speech is in Berea, OH for the National Tractors Parts Association in July - doing a keynote closing presentation called “Transforming Adversity Into Success.” He joins Jim Cermak on July 15 at Panera Bread in Medina Ohio to deliver his “HEAR” Principle for overcoming adversity. Stephen is also waiting to hear from major publisher and literary agent on the status of a book proposal for his first-ever book, which will be a collection of first person narration stories about events that have happened in my life including some of the funniest, most embarrassing and scariest moments.

I leave tonight withDeborah Chaddock Brown and Norma Rist for Pod Cast Camp in Columbus PodCampOhio for an all day session on Saturday.

Ron McDaniel recently launched a Buzz Assistant Network to help companies who want a Web2.0 buzz but aren’t sure how to do it. He’s looking for more assistants to help support all the leads coming his way. It’s a win-win for the assistants and the companies. Very clever!

We’ve decided to meet once a month at the same place each time. When we tried to vary to location and time/dates to accomodate everyone’s schedule, it just wasn’t working for the group and we ended up not meeting for a while.
Next Meet up: July 31st 9:30 am at the Arabica in Stow Ohio.

Match Your Product to an Event and Location

Brand an event to market your product.
Baltimore engagement spot
Originally uploaded by cmcbrown

When I was in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this “engagement spot” and thought that it is a clever way to tie an event and a brand to a popular place. Smyth Jewelers uses a tourist photo opportunity as a great way to market and brand their business.

Is there a place or an event that you can tie your brand?
Enagement spot

Update: My company, Marketing Resources & Results, is expanding to serve the Baltimore, Maryland market by offering marketing consulting Baltimore as a new service area.

Five Ways Branding & Marketing is like Blogging…

Blogging goes hand and hand with Branding & Marketing. 
1) Blogging is about building relationships
2) Blogging has a point of view
3) Blogging communicates to an audience
4) Blogging changes everyday
5) A good blog has a focus
And you can say the same about branding & marketing. They have a language all their own, you need to be consistent and on-going, it’s complex — not just a logo or a single post, and it’s personal…  Corporate speak kills a blog.  And branding and marketing as well.  You’ve got to relate to the audience.

Mistakes that many make with their brand, marketing program and/or their blog:

1) Try to be all things to all people
2) Try to do it all yourself without involving others
3) Only hear yourself — Don’t listen to your audience… (In fact, the more you listen, the better you understand your focus and point of view/niche)
4) Stay the same — you’ll get old, fast!
5) Dabble here, there and everywhere.  Focus helps keep you from getting scattered

In 15 Reasons Why Blogging Matters at Twist Image’s Blog, Mitch Joel explains why the concept of personal brand equals a blog.