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Market Your Brand with Events and Promote on Social Media

These are my live blogging notes of Crystal Olig @sparklegem on Twitter from the PodCamp Columbus #pco09 seminar on The Ohio State University campus. Read more from her at her blog, whY genY.

Using Social Media to Market Your Events

Event marketing keys:
Get a GREAT photographer. Capture the event.
Hold events to help to strengthen your career, personal brand and organization because it’s tangible.

Use Facebook to Strengthen your Events:

  • Invite friends
  • Post & tag Photos. It’s a great way to promote
  • Post video
  • Create discussions abou tproducts, speakers content
  • Set a date, ask for help, develop marketing plan as you go
  • Set up a fan page and an album with an event.
  • Discuss topics after the event, maintain brand engagement.

Flickr.com is a search engine for photos. Be mindful of how you tag. Post and tag on FaceBook and Flickr because it gives the feeling of your event and is a great way to promote the event next time.

Don’t just talk about the event. Talk about what the event is about. Create a video and post it on YouTube. How much fun, who was involved. A little about each person. Figure out how to break down every little part and post about it.

Write consistently and add content — but don’t do too much email (it’s annoying) but if you have something legit to say every day, okay, do it.

Stick with YouTube for distributing your video content. They are the leader and it’s easy to use.

Use Twitter to Promote & Market Before,
During & After the Event

  • Ask prospective attendees for input
  • get attendees connected for free
  • PR promote your event before and after
  • Instant message out information and materials
  • Obtain real time feedback from attendees
  • Twitter about the awards ceremony
  • Pre and post event polling and surveys
  • Find Twitter feeds of your local media and figure out how to provide value to them.
  • Research the journalists:Three to one… Value, value, value. Favor. Value, value, value. Favor.

Other Twitter tips:
Use your speaker’s @ Twitter handle when you promote the speakers at your event.
Twitter reduces check-in wait time significantly (according to people surveyed… but I’m not sure how… I need to follow up with Crystal on this.)

Make sure you’re the one to establish the hash tag (like #pco09) and promote it so the group can find each other.
Used Twitter to do a poll.
Set up a time and used Tweet chat to discuss.
Set up a Wiki and post content afterwards.

Thanks Crystal — Awesome job. She was an impromptu speaker today after someone else had to cancel. WOW. Thank you!

Match Your Product to an Event and Location

Brand an event to market your product.
Baltimore engagement spot
Originally uploaded by cmcbrown

When I was in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this “engagement spot” and thought that it is a clever way to tie an event and a brand to a popular place. Smyth Jewelers uses a tourist photo opportunity as a great way to market and brand their business.

Is there a place or an event that you can tie your brand?
Enagement spot

Update: My company, Marketing Resources & Results, is expanding to serve the Baltimore, Maryland market by offering marketing consulting Baltimore as a new service area.

Event Marketing - Making it FUN! Lessons from a Successful Event

Here in Northeast Ohio, we aren’t known for having those huge mountains that make snowboarders and skiers drool. However, the local ski patrol and area sports gear retailers, together with the local resort, Boston Mills/Brandwine, have found the secret for marketing that has resulted in an awesome program going for many years. It’s the annual ski swap/open house at Boston Mills/Brandwine resort.

Saturday will be the first annual Open House Rail Jam at BMBW! The Rail Jam is presented by Nordica, Buckeye Sports Center, BMBW, and Cascade Subaru. Secondary sponsors include Orage, Level, Boeri, Nitro, Smith, Scott, Marker and Dakine.

Despite temperatures in the 60’s many of the more courageous (OUCH?!?) boarders/skiers enjoyed an afternoon of jumps and tricks, while the rest of us watched them do their tricks, shopped at the ski, board, boot, gear swap and checked out all the new latest and greatest designs and equipment.

The Fun Part: Music, food, sign-ups for events. Engaging the crowd. Making it feel like this is the place to be.

The Media: How do they market it? Direct mail. Email. Word of Mouth. Working with all the partners to promote it.

The rationale: Make it fun and more people come next year.

The Target: Primary: They are really targeting the 10-30 year old male with the music and the “rail jam” events. Something tells me that this is a strong market for them. Secondary: all the winter enthusiasts in the Cleveland, Akron, Canton area.

It’s made into it a 3 day event because it always coincides with teacher record day, so the kids have no school on that Friday.

I’ll tell you, it got me psyched to see the snowflakes fly!! (But I’m not even close to jumping off of a handrail.) See you on the slopes!

Disclaimer: My husband is one of the many national ski patrollers who worked as a volunteer at the event. Brad Hain, one of my company’s strategic partners, did the direct mail flyer for BMBW.