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An Example of 7 Best Practices on How to Market Your Business with a Video Testimonial

Gathering and using testimonials for marketing your business can be challenging but I’ve found a video testimonial that is a really great example of how to do it right.

There are several things I really like about the way MMG (McLellan Marketing Group in Des Moines, Iowa) has used their clients testimonials this video.

Video Testimonial Best Practices:

  1. Fast lead in about the company, getting right to the “meat” of the video.
  2. Used a similar background, but slightly different for each client, so you could focus on what they say, not the background.
  3. Someone off camera cued them with questions.  (How does working with MMG make your work easier?  Did your experience with  MMG match your expectations?  How is MMG a value to your organization? What’s the biggest difference working with MMG over other marketing firms?)
  4. They had the client repeat or paraphrase the question “… What’s the one word I’d use to describe McLellan Marketing Group?  Well,  it’s two words actually…” Many of the answers reinforced their branding.
  5. The use of a character generator to type words over the bottom of the video to identify the person who is speaking.  Adds credibility.
  6. While the client was talking, they edited the video to fade to a pan of the work that was done for that particular client, brochure, ad campaigns, annual reports, newsletters, folders, rack cards, etc. Now it’s a portfolio plus testimonials!
  7. It was posted on YouTube.  Not only does posting on YouTube make it easy to search and find… it made it easy for me to embed and promote them as well.  Isn’t YouTube the biggest TV station in the world and you can run your commercials for free? And the people who are looking for a service like yours can find you in a search? What’s not to like?

What am I missing? What else do you see that Drew and Mark did right on this video testimonial?

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Dove Update: Pro-Age Not "Suitable" for US TV?!?

Laurence-Helene in London posted about a new Dove television advertising campaign that is anti anti-aging from Dove for their line of Pro-Age. “Beauty has no age limit.”Considering all the crazy things on TV in the US, it surprises me that Dove can’t run the ad (or won’t run the ad) on various cable stations. Oxygen, E!, TNT, TBS — don’t tell me that those stations won’t run it!

Although it does show a lot of skin, it is extremely tastefully done. Very beautifully in fact. More like art than like an ad.

Go to Laurence-Helene’s Dove Pro-Age Campaign post at her Blog til you Drop: Marketing, Advertising, Branding site to view the commercial that was banned in the US. What do you think? Should this be banned?

In a country where youth is worshiped, a little pro-age message is powerful.

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LOVE DOVE: Building customer involvement in Marketing and Branding

Dove is repositioning its brand for everywoman and they’ve done a great job of using Web 2.0 and community to really bring the message home.

Back in November I featured the Dove video that shows what really goes into creating a beautiful model. That video has made the rounds in blogs and even has several funny parody videos posted on Youtube.

Now Dove does it again. They launched its new Cream Oil Body Washes TV ad at the 2007 Academy Awards, featuring the work created by production assistant Lindsay Miller of Sherman Oaks, CA. This time, instead of making it available on YouTube, you have to go to the Dove Cream Oil site to watch it and the other finalists.

Thanks to Duncan at Duncan’s TV Ad Land for the post about Dove’s new consumer created advertisement. And thanks to Dawud Miracle at Healthy Web Design blog for giving me a new tool that helped me find Duncan’s post.

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