Time To Increase The Marketing Budget? CEO Small Business Confidence is High for 2014

Time to increase the marketing budget in 2014A little over a year ago I quoted Vistage’s CEO Confidence Index. 

Now, CEO’s optimism is at a 2 year high.  If your company is a Business to Business Manufacturer, now may a good time to up your marketing budget.

Focus on both active and passive marketing to attract new customers.  Reach out to existing customers and cross sell services.

Active marketing keeps you top of mind.  It’s interruptive advertising.  Sending an email campaign.  Setting up a face to face meeting at trade show. Reaching out to talk to a new prospect.  It’s persuading and presenting.

Passive marketing helps potential customers find you when they are ready - through the website, search, pay per click, social media.  Referrals and memberships in directories.   The ways that they find you when they need you.  It’s attracting and involving.  It’s being there when they’re ready.

So, is your marketing program poised to capture the increased revenue with new customer acquisition?


Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.