Use PR (Press Releases) to Increase your PR (Page Rank)

The backbone of a public relations program is the press release. I’m suggesting you use press releases to increase your Google page rank. First, measure your page rank. Download the Google Toolbar.Then go to your website and look at the measurement tool to get your page rank.

Next, write a press release and include your website as part of the press release. Perhaps you are giving away free information and the reader needs to visit your website to get the information. “Ten Tips to Increase Your Page Rank with Google” for instance.

Then post the press release at the various press release sites. Send the press release to the traditional media like newspapers and magazines in your industry. When your press release is picked up, you get a link. The higher the PR (page rank) of the website that picks up your press release, the more it helps your PR (page rank) and helps your traditional PR (public relations) along the way.

For example: has a page rank of 7. BusinessWire and PRNewswire each have a PR of 8. Some blogs even have have a decent page rank. When you comment on blogs that have a “no no follow” policy (like this one) your comment’s website will result as a link on this blog and will give you a link from a level 5 (as of today) website. Not too bad. The higher the page rank of the linking website, in theory, the better your link.

Why not have your press releases do double duty and help you with the SEO by including your company’s website address link in the press release??