Retractable Banner Stands Replace Big Booths at Trade Shows

trade show booth graphics, trade show bannersAs a marketing professional who has attended more than her share of trade shows, I’ve seen a big trend at various industry trade shows and conventions: it’s the growing trend of retractable banners replacing those big booths at trade shows.

There are a lot of things to like about retractable banners… in fact, it seems like a no-brainer:

  • Easy to set up
  • Customizable for each show
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to pack up
  • Inexpensive shipping (many take them on the plane as checked baggage)
  • Full color, bright and colorful

I’m not suggesting you throw away your big 20 foot booth, but next time you are preparing for the trade show, think about a Table Top Display with two Retractable banners.  You’ll feel like you’re going to your kid’s soccer game with 3 fold up chairs — instead of getting ready to ship a pallet, assemble a collapsing grid, try to get carpet with magnetic strips to adher and then velcro on the posters.  Not to mention the whole tear down!

If you’re planning to market your company’s products and services at a trade show in the next few months, you may want to download and print our trade show booth checklist so you don’t forget anything!

Need ideas for your trade show booth exhibit?  You may get some ideas if you take a look at our trade show banner graphics web page for ideas. 

What clever ideas and new trends have you seen at trade shows that you’ve recently attended?

9 thoughts on “Retractable Banner Stands Replace Big Booths at Trade Shows

  1. Hi Chris - Thanks for bringing this up. I have a HUGE peeve when it comes to trade shows - and that is not having themes, objectives and goal-focused experiences outlined for the attendees. That’s why I love this trend of retractables.

    I also wish people would get more creative with displays and realize that they DON’T have to be these boxes. One of the best displays I’ve ever seen was at a show in Paris when over half a chemical company’s booth was lost in shipping. They had to make do with the items they had which were these industrial yellow barrels. I’m telling you it was one of the best displays I’d seen - ever. They really made lemons out of lemonade. I also think that the fact that their stuff got lost made them focus on the real benefits of their products and marketing goals.

  2. Love the idea of a simpler, more focused trade show booth. It’s not really about the bells and whistles or even the free pens. I think it’s mostly about the people who are in the booth-and whether or not they are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about their products or services.

    I haven’t noticed retractable displays at any of the conferences I’ve attended lately. Are all of the images at the top of your post examples?

  3. I love retractable banner stands are very universal. They can be used as a stand alone display or combined with you other exhibit materials to add visual pop. I disagree with some of the comments, yes it is important to have knowledgeable people working show. However, just as important if not more is having a booth that attracts the attendees.

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  5. Banner stands are a simple and very effective advertising tool, perfect for a quick set up for your next event. Needing only one person, anyone can easily erect a roller banner without the need for an assistant.

  6. you need to get noticed. Consider your booth to be just one little tree in a forest (of many, many trees). If you don’t have a design that stands out, your booth will just fade into the background. You don’t want people to just walk by your booth. A big, bold, “in your face” background picture will almost always take care of this first step.

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