How to Accurately Count and Measure Foot Traffic

Everyone knows that sales is a series of small steps working towards a yes.

And measuring those small steps and the conversion along the way, helps you to improve the conversion percent.

Of course you can measure sales increases at the register, but what about increases in foot traffic?  Aren’t you curious to find out if the ad worked, but it was something else that turned them away?

It reminded me of a website I saw recently.

SenSource makes products for counting people or vehicles.  I could see where this would be helpful, especially in conjunction with sales data for counting leads after running an ad, a coupon or a special promotion.  It’d be good to know if foot traffic increased but sales didn’t…

Their equipment helps you know how many vehicles are coming into your parking lot each day, each hour, each week and how many people are coming in and out of your workplace.

How do you measure your traffic?

Full Disclosure: I am not affiliated in anyway with SenSource and they have not contacted me. I have never used their products either. Creative Commons Flickr photo credit: Purple Twinkie.