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How to Improve Your Marketing to Achieve Better Sales Results

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Are you wondering why your increased marketing isn’t turning into more clients?

Do you weave? Let me explain. Everyone “knows” in their heart that marketing is supposed to lead to selling, to converting prospects, to the next step of signed agreements, purchase orders and new clients. However, many small business owners, while comfortable with marketing, are uncomfortable with the selling process. They just want to go directly from the marketing into new business.

The successful prosperous businesses seem to know that marketing, while crucial to starting the process, must go hand-in-hand with sales to complete the new customer acquisition process.

Dauwd Miracle explains his reasoning to why your marketing may not be the reason you’re not getting more clients. His remarks are in line with the differences between sales and marketing.

The bottom line is that marketing researches, builds awareness, peaks interest, communicates, informs, educates, increases desire, builds the conversation, and is the means to the end.

Sales is overcomes objections, converts, builds the relationship, and is the end to the means. It’s the transaction.

Both are processes and are intertwined, not linear. Marketing without sales is a cost, not an investment. So how do you improve your marketing to achieve better sales results, a higher close rate and increased revenue?

1) Ask for the sale. Ask early and often. Make sure your marketing has a call to action.

2) Make your marketing a two way conversation. Marketing isn’t just about telling. By listening carefully to your prospects, your marketing should be a problem solver. Marketing helps to troubleshoot the problems your potential clients have and communicate a solution that perfectly fits their need. It’s not about flaunting your products features, it’s about solving someone else’s problem.

3) Weave your sales into your marketing. Make it easy to close. Add incentives to close.

4) Weave marketing into your product and services. Cross sell your services when you deliver the product. How else can we help you? Customer service that ties strongly with marketing and sales strengthens the relationship and the value of the customer.

5) Adjust your marketing to match the needs of your current and potential customers. Speak to them where and when they want to engage. Listen to them when they talk. Does your website have a place for comments? Do you make your potential clients fill out a nasty lengthy form that asks all these questions without even offering a phone number, email or a person’s name to ask for if they’d prefer to talk about it?

Do you agree? What am I missing?

23 Ideas for How to Start a Consulting Practice

I’ve found many of my business associates who have worked in corporations for most of their career are faced with some career choices they didn’t think that they’d be considering. So several months ago, when a friend of mine got let go from his long time company, I asked my LinkedIn network:

I’m helping a friend get started with his consulting practice. What 2 suggestions do you offer when someone asks you how to get started? Thanks!

Perhaps you or someone you know will find some helpful advice in the following 23 answers:
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Learn How To Introduce Your New Product to Market in Less Than One Hour

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Selling vs Telling. What’s the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

The other day I had breakfast with a business owner who is a great sales person.  He was very quiet, but people always lean in to hear what he has to say and consult with him about how to solve problems in their business.

I asked him how he got so good at sales.  He said it’s simple.  Most people think that sales is telling other about the product, but sales is about listening. 

“We have two ears to listen, one mouth to talk,” he told me.  “Selling is not telling. Selling is listening.”

Marketing is actually more about telling, building awareness, advertising and PR. Marketing is direct mail and brochures and flyers.  Marketing warms up the prospect, but sales makes them a business partner.

He has 4 steps that sales people must go through before they begin “doing sales.”

  1. Close their mouth.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Find out the customer’s problem.
  4. Ask “Did they try ________ solution?”  “Did they try ________ solution?”

Then… only then, talk about your product/service’s features.

Do you agree? Marketing is about telling and sales is about listening?

More discussion about the difference between sales & marketing:
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Retractable Banner Stands Replace Big Booths at Trade Shows

trade show booth graphics, trade show bannersAs a marketing professional who has attended more than her share of trade shows, I’ve seen a big trend at various industry trade shows and conventions: it’s the growing trend of retractable banners replacing those big booths at trade shows.

There are a lot of things to like about retractable banners… in fact, it seems like a no-brainer:

  • Easy to set up
  • Customizable for each show
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to pack up
  • Inexpensive shipping (many take them on the plane as checked baggage)
  • Full color, bright and colorful

I’m not suggesting you throw away your big 20 foot booth, but next time you are preparing for the trade show, think about a Table Top Display with two Retractable banners.  You’ll feel like you’re going to your kid’s soccer game with 3 fold up chairs — instead of getting ready to ship a pallet, assemble a collapsing grid, try to get carpet with magnetic strips to adher and then velcro on the posters.  Not to mention the whole tear down!

If you’re planning to market your company’s products and services at a trade show in the next few months, you may want to download and print our trade show booth checklist so you don’t forget anything!

Need ideas for your trade show booth exhibit?  You may get some ideas if you take a look at our trade show banner graphics web page for ideas.

What clever ideas and new trends have you seen at trade shows that you’ve recently attended?