Introducing the Branding Expert at the ATHENA International Leadership Summit

by Chris Brown on Monday, October 15, 2012

Last night was an awesome board of directors meeting for ATHENA International.  You know, the kind of meeting where you feel like the future of an organization is really coming to the tipping point? It’s like one of those wonderful books you read where you can’t wait to get to the next chapter.

I’m in Chicago today at the ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Summit. And I’m particularly looking forward to hearing one of the speakers tomorrow. As a board member of this organization, I volunteered to introduce the speaker who will be presenting “Branding Yourself a Leader” as part of the 8 principles from the ATHENA International Leadership Model.

His talk will combine two subjects I’m very interested and engaged in: branding and leadership. The conference is always fun… meeting other women from the around the world who are interested in developing leadership… but it doesn’t usually include a marketing speaker and well known branding blogger!

You may enjoy reading Ed Roach’s blog — — beginning in 2006 as the Brand Corral, his blog now has more than 400 posts on branding and is know as “Ed Roach - The Branding Guy - Lead Don’t Follow.

Learn more about ATHENA International at their website or on Facebook page. You can follow along on twitter #ATHENA or following @AthenaLeaders

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